Award Winning Building Design

A home should feel solid. A home should efficiently keep you warm when it’s cold outside. A home should efficiently keep you cool when it’s hot outside. A home shouldn’t blow down easily in high winds or severe weather. A home should support our lives. A home should be our sanctuary. A home should help feed our spirit.

This company was first established in 1987, when Alan Hoffmann, Founder and CEO, first envisioned a change in the way homes could be built. With an extensive background in real estate and a lifelong fascination for technology and architecture, Hoffmann wanted to incorporate the latest in design, building systems, cabinetry, plumbing, lighting, etc. into each home he built—coining the phrase “modern in every sense”.

As a company, we have been consecutively named one of Dallas’ Best Builders in DHome Magazine from 2008 to 2015. The company has also won multiple ARC awards from the Dallas Builder’s Association, including the 2014 ARC Award for Best Green Home under $1 million dollars, as well as previous awards for Best Architectural Design, Best Kitchen and Best Bathroom.


  • Design
  • Select
  • Build

In the first stage of our process you will meet with the design team and builder to outline your needs, aesthetic, and budget.

Upon design completion, we will determine each exterior and interior selection of your home.

In this stage the design, selections and engineering are prepared to begin the construction process.